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I had seen Cheryl’s cookies on one of those discount sites, Groupon, Living Social, I get so many of those emails I can’t even remember where I bought it. I had heard that these were my boss’ favorite cookies, so I figured I would try them out and see what the fuss was all about.

Even though it wasn’t my birthday, I went with the birthday assortment tin ($45). Cute packaging, the box plays happy birthday when you open the tin!

All the cookies come individually wrapped for freshness.

The buttercream frosted strawberry sugar cookie-the cookie was soft and the frosting was SUPER sweet, like cotton candy or something similar. I love sweets but this frosting made me wince a little bit. The same goes for the orange buttercream frosted seen two pictures below.

All the cookies were super soft-the vanilla frosted buttercream was tasty. The chocolate chocolate chip cookie (bottom left) was really tasty, probably my favorite out of the bunch. They also had brownies, chocolate covered pretzels and pretzel nuggets in the assortment. The pretzel was ok, but I am biased because my friend makes THE best chocolate covered pretzels that nothing I have had after can even come close.

All the cookies were fresh, the pretzels were crunchy and sweet. The brownies were really moist. The cookies overall were good, they would make for a cute gift. Were they my favorite? Not by a long shot. Glad I tried them? Sure.

Cheryl’s Cookies

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