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Lobsta Love hangs out at Stuart Street for the dinner shift, Wednesdays 4:30-7:30. I felt a little weird about lobster front a truck…thinking well, how fresh could it be? I guess I should be glad that it’s a lobster truck in  Boston and say…not a lobster truck in Texas. Starving for a bite to eat after work, I stopped over to check things out.

The truck is pretty cool and the guy working inside was pretty friendly. They have something for everyone, between sliders, quesadillas, lobster rolls, mac and cheese…if you like lobster, this is your spot.

The lobster roll was made to order, just a little bit of mayo and a little bit of spice-lots of meat, a little sweet in flavor in a toasted hot dog bun.

The lobster mac and cheese was pretty darn amazing. The mac and cheese has three kinds of cheese mixed with celletani pasta (twists) and the lobster meat is put on top right at the end. YUM!!! Strongly suggest trying to find these guys and trying something, the food was really good and the service was exceptional.

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