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My sister in law and I share a love for food-our significant others…well, are not as passionate as we are…so from time to time, we go out on a new restaurant date,enjoy some good food, fun and laughs.

This night we choose Erbaluce, recently named Best of Boston 2012. Located on Church Street in Bay Village…which just means Theatre District to me….Erbaluce is a small off the beaten path restaurant (although it is located close to the main street). I start with the scallops at $14. Perfectly cooked, firm and soft like butter at the same time.

I move on the to the tagliatelle for $26 and wash it down with a nice glass of Vermentino-a light crisp white. The pasta was al dente with a nice bite, and covered in a wonderful dusting of Parmigiano Reggiano. The menu changes nightly, so don’t expect to see these dishes on the menu when you go. A really tasty meal, we left feeling full,  but in a good way! The meal was light and flavorful. The restaurant was small and charming, although since we had been there they went through a renovation. The service was good, the server was knowledgeable and seemed to have a grasp on the menu items and ingredients, as well as what wines would pair well with them. The restaurant was fine dining without feeling stuffy-it was really accessible. We would certainly go back to see what other creations come out of the kitchen!


69 church street (bay village) boston, ma 02116

tel. 617 426 6969 fax 617 426 6909

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