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A cloudy day in July, we went out with friends on their boat for a birthday party. We left the Cape and headed towards Martha’s Vineyard. We pulled up to a beach and dropped anchor. The water was pretty warm, around 75 degrees, not that I actually went in….After hanging out for a while we decided to go over to Oak Bluff’s for a few drinks. The weather was looking quite iffy, so we decided to head back to the Cape. We made it home without a drop of rain, but the minute we got in our cars to grab a bite, the sky opened up and dumped buckets of rain. We ended up going to the Oxford Creamery in Mattapoisett.

A cute little ice cream shack that was pretty packed at dinner time. They have tables inside as well as a few picnic tables outside under an overhang…which unfortunately didn’t keep us dry from the monsoon outside.

The lobster roll, $11. Not bad, a little on the small side. I think that I would stick to the fried foods here.

This is where it’s at, the combo meal-scallops and clams for $14.50. They were lightly fried, the clams had bellies and were delicious after a long day on the boat!

Of course we had ice cream after, I had a small mint chip $3.25, + $0.25 for sprinkles. The small was plenty big, and was quite tasty! The ice cream was creamy and rich.

Oxford Creamery

98 County Rd Mattapoisett, MA 02739 – (508) 758-3847

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