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Mei Mei Street Kitchen is always by my work, but the lines are always out of control long, that I never wait in line. The good news is that they also hang out in Cleveland Circle on Sundays for Pork Bun Sundays:)

Unfortunately they didn’t have pork buns on Sunday, but they had pork belly tacos…which are equally exciting! Tea smoked pork belly, crispy shallots, habanero crema, soy nuts, crispy local zucchini, and house made apple hoisin on a corn tortilla. 2 for $10….oh yeah!

We also went for the double awesome, that was recently featured in the Improper Bostonian. It’s a scallion pancake melt with two slow poached then fried eggs, Vermont sharp cheddar and local greens pesto for $7. And as the name implies, it is super awesome! The crunch of the pancakes, the ooey runny salty egg and the pesto make magic in your mouth-the flavors meld nicely and the textures are a nice mix as well.

Take a look at the pork taco…and yes it was as good as it looks! Really nice flavors and textures again here. I don’t think they could go wrong!

Founded by 3 siblings, mei mei street kitchen is the brain child of Andy, who named it after his two mei mei’s (little sisters) Irene and Margaret (who goes by Mei). I heard from a guy in my office that the macarons are the bomb, and that someone on the truck  is a Magic: The Gathering Fan. Note to self that I am going to start collecting cards to try and trade for some of those tasty macarons:) Highly recommend trying these guys out, their food is excellent, and there is always service with a smile!

Mei Mei Street Kitchen

See their rotating menu here:

11am-3pm: Cleveland Circle – our hood!

11am-6pm: City Hall Plaza

11am-3pm: Stuart St. behind the Hancock

11am-2:45pm: Boylston St. by the Boston Public Library

11am-2:45pm: BU East on Comm Ave by Morse Auditorium

3ish-7ish: Check out Twitter feed to find out which Farmer’s Market we’re at!

11am-2:45pm: Fenway area – Hemenway & Forsyth, by the MFA
4pm-8pm: 220 Clarendon St. at Boylston

We spend most Saturdays at festivals and events. Click ‘Find Us’ to see where!

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