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We were celebrating our anniversary, so we went back to the same bakery that made our wedding cake. Let’s just take a refresher of what our cake looked like:

Photo courtesy of MKD Photography

They called us a few days before we were supposed to pick it up and they asked if it had to be exactly the same as our wedding cake. Those pinwheel things were pretty labor intensive, so I said it didn’t have to exactly match…thinking that we would get something similar…or at least in the same color scheme….this is what we got…

All in all, the decorations didn’t matter, it was the memory and the delicious flavor of the cake, which was amaretto. We had it at our wedding, but never got to have a slice 😦 The amaretto flavor was really subtle, and not too sweet. The cake was really excellent, moist, fresh and light-just reinforced that we had made the right decision with them for the wedding!

The Icing on the Cake

250 Adams Street, Newton MA

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