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We ordered these fun cupcakes for an office event to celebrate social media day! They have a shop in downtown crossing, but they make deliveries free to Boston and Cambridge.

Besides the fact that the big panda on the side of the truck just makes you happy….all I can say is one word….YUM!

The bakers at Cakeology made up these great cupcakes for us:

Vanilla VanillaCakeology’s award-winning vanilla cake with a perfect swirl of Tahitian vanilla bean frosting topped with white chocolate shavings

Red VelvetOur best seller! Scrumptious classic velvet cake made with buttermilk and a dash of cocoa, topped with cream cheese frosting with a hint of lemon zest

Double Chocolate : Velvety dark cocoa cake with a delicious milk chocolate frosting swirl, decorated with malted chocolate crunch balls

These flavors were delicious, but check out their other specialty flavors that we are just looking for an excuse to try:

  • Brownie Sundae : Chocolate chip brownie cake topped with whipped cream, chopped walnuts, chocolate sauce drizzle and a perfect maraschino cherry
  • Key Lime Pie : Light and fluffy vanilla cake filled with a tangy lime zest curd and topped with swirly peaks of toasted meringue and grated lime zest
  • Guinness : Cakeology’s award-winning fudgy Guinness cake topped with a rich Bailey’s frosting and a cocoa shamrock.
  • Earl Grey : Earl grey infused sponge cake with a perfect purple dollop of bergamot-infused frosting and a drizzle of locally produced honey
  • Peanut Butter & Jelly : Your favorite sandwich in a cupcake! Smooth peanut butter cake filled with Concord grape jelly and topped with peanut buttercream
  • Chocolate Chip Pancakes : Fluffy buttermilk cake mixed with chocolate chips, topped with maple syrup buttercream, a fondant fried egg and a piece of toasted bacon
  • Pina Colada : Vanilla cake with chunks of fresh pineapple, topped with coconut and Malibu rum-infused buttercream, rolled in rainbow sprinkles
  • Peanut Butter Chocolate : Chocolate cake baked with chunks of peanut butter cups, topped with creamy peanut butter chocolate frosting and sprinkled with more chopped cups
  • Margarita : Tangy vanilla and lime zest cake topped with a bright green swirl of salted tequila buttercream and a jellied lime slice
  • White Chocolate Strawberry : Fluffy vanilla cake baked with slices of fresh strawberry, topped with a white chocolate buttercream and rolled in pink chocolate curls
  • Cookies & Creamsicle : Moist chocolate cake swirled with orange oil and chunks of orange chocolate, topped with Oreo filling frosting and rolled in crushed oreos
  • Banana Fudge : Delicious banana and walnut bread cupcake topped with a creamy vanilla fudge frosting and a slice of dried banana
  • Black Forest : Decadent chocolate cake filled with cherry preserves and topped with a swirl of whipped cream, chocolate shavings and a fresh cherry
  • Chocolate Mint : Ghirardelli mint cake decorated with a green mint buttercream, a dollop of ganache and junior mint candy
  • Lemon Zest : Zingy lemon zest cake with a swirl of fresh lemon juice frosting and topped with a prefect fresh raspberry
  • Cappuccino : Smooth coffee cake with a creamy vanilla frosting, dusted with cocoa and topped with a chocolate covered espresso bean
  • White Chocolate Coconut : Vanilla sponge cake baked with chunks of white chocolate and coconut and topped with a marshmallow frosting
  • Peach Melba : Fluffy melt in your mouth peach cake topped with delicious sweetened whipped cream and crushed raspberries
  • Root Beer Float : Vanilla cake baked with a mini marshmallow crust and topped with root beer buttercream and root beer barrel candy

The vanilla vanilla rocked!! Everyone in the office was buzzing about these fun treats! Cupcakes run about $3.25 a piece, but so worth it! The cake was fluffy and light….and surprisingly…so was the frosting…they may be my new favorite….move over Party Favors! And one last thing, I called up to place my order and spoke to the owner Victoria, who is super sweet! Just the kind of person that you would want to do business with!! Name sound familiar? You might have seen her win Cupcake Wars back in 2010 😉

45 Province Street, Boston MA 02108 ~ (857) 239-9507

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