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A wrong turn on 128 on the way to H-Mart made for a stop at the Kowloon instead. The Polynesian theme became popular in the 1930’s when soldiers began coming home from tours in the South Pacific. Sweet rum drinks served in take home buddha glasses and themed party rooms are just what the Kowloon is known for. I think of the Kowloon when I want those greasy old style egg rolls with the pieces of fake red meat and the comfort of a pupu platter. The food’s not healthy, the atmosphere could be called cheesy and outdated, and the paint is peeling off the walls…but there is just something special about the Kowloon.

The eggrolls that  I was talking about….really nice and crispy on the outside!

So delish with duck sauce!

Beef teriyaki was really nostalgic…really tender and flavorful.

Pan fried peking raviolis…not my favorite but still really good.

Hot and sour soup-a classic standby.

Pork fried rice served in those metal dishes….really reminds me of having Chinese food as a kid.

General Gao’s chicken never disappoints.

Lo mein. Greasy style. Old school-doused in soy sauce….mmm….mmmm…..You’d think that we were eating for 20…but the best part about Chinese food is always the left overs!

The fortune at the end of the meal couldn’t be more fitting!

And the icing on the cake….we buy a shirt, “got pupu”….stupid potty humor but it had us laughing all the way home!

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