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Otto Pizza recently moved into Coolidge Corner in the former space of Friendly’s Express. Otto comes by way of Portland Maine.  We had walked by one night when it first opened and it was mobbed! We were calling for take out and no one answered the phone. So one Saturday afternoon, at 3 in the afternoon, we stopped in for a couple of pizzas.

They do take out by the slice…which may just give Upper Crust a run for their money. (Have you seen the latest article about them in the Globe? There’s one line that rang true for us: “When Jordan (Tobins) did attend to Upper Crust business, he was a disruptive force, often yelling and threatening employees.” The truth to that is that we have sat next to him at Red Sox games and he was always yelling on his cell phone, he even fired someone over the phone!) The decor is really nice, you would never know a Friendly’s had been there before. They have glossy wood floors, and tables that look like they could be reclaimed wood.

Here’s what’s on the menu:

HOUSE FAVORITES (large/small)

1 Cheese ($15/$9)

2 Pepperoni ($17/$10)

3 Sausage and Vidalia Onion ($19/$11)

4 Three-Cheese Tortellini ($17/$10)

5 Ricotta and Basil ($19/$10)

6 Mashed Potato, Bacon and Scallion ($21/$12)

7 Mushroom and Cauliflower ($19/$11)

8 Margherita ($19/$11)

9 Butternut Squash, Ricotta and Cranberry ($21/$12)

10 Chicken and Basil ($19/$11)

11 OTTO Four Cheese* ($21/$12)

12 White Bean, Sausage, Herb & Red Flake ($21/$11)

13 Pulled Pork and Mango ($19/$11)

14 White Bean, Roasted Tomato, Herb, Red Flake* ($21/$12)

15 Eggplant, Ricotta and Basil ($21/$12)

16 Roasted Tomato, Ricotta and Basil ($21/$12)

17 Genoa Salami, Tomato and Scallion* ($21/$12)

18 Mushroom, Bacon and Vidalia Onion ($21/$12)

19 Mushroom, Ricotta and Herb ($19/$11)

20 Baby Spinach, Chicken and Asiago ($21/$12)

21 Chicken, Mushroom and Fontina ($21/$12)

22 Apple, Bacon and Red Onion* ($21/$12)

23 Spicy Pulled Pork with Scallion and Herb ($19/$11)

24 Zucchini, Summer Squash, Spinach ($21/$12)

*available as red or white pie


The brew their own birch beer!! Yum.

Mashed Potato, Bacon, scallion pizza. DELICIOUS! The potatoes were smooth and melted in your mouth, the bacon was perfectly crisp. While the flavor combination is unusual, it really works! The crust is thin and a perfect balance between chewy and crisp.

The three cheese tortellini pizza was not as good for me. Clumps of sauce may have been easier to eat if it were spread out and the tortellinis were a bit too over cooked for my liking. That said, the pizza was still pretty tasty.

The service was ok, I think that they are still getting into the swing of things and working the kinks out. Every time I have passed by, the place has been super crowded, so we t were were lucky to get in and get a seat when we did. I’m hoping they stick around longer than the Friendly’s! Can’t wait to go back for a pulled pork and mango pizza.



289 Harvard St.

t:617 232 0014

Sunday to Thursday 11:30am-11pm

Friday to Saturday 11:30am – 2am

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