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Just a few more fun party pictures…these photographs are courtesy of Team Yu Photography-a great husband/wife team, Tony and Anna, who are super talented and just really great people!

This cake comes from Ivy’s Fine Cakes in Canton. My very good friend gets all her cakes there, and Ivy did their wedding cake two years ago. We met with Tom who is really nice-a real baker (he is so talented). The cake tasting was just the way a cake tasting should be…different kinds of cake and different kinds of frosting…that way we could mix and match when we tasted. Ivy has the freshest, moistest cake we have ever had. It was an easy choice.

Thee layered square cake. Bottom layer was three kinds of cake, gold, chocolate and gold with…..wait for it…..chocolate chip cannoli filling!! Let me tell you that it is the stuff people DREAM about!

Middle layer was gold cake with lemon chantilly…really light and bright flavor-an excellent choice. The top layer was just for me…gold cake with strawberry filling…oh my! We picked out the flowers from a catalog…they came white and Tom sprayed them pink. They came out so beautiful. Some cake makers are about fondant and over the top intricate work. Tom and Ivy are about flavor-so we went with a clean, simple design so that the flavor was what you would remember.

I love the idea of a candy bar. I think they are so fun! This was a totally do it yourself bar, meanwhile, I went sore to store to buy the containers (mostly Crate and Barrel-Delfina jar, gallon jar with lid, tilt bowl, and trifle bowl ) and went to Maine, to Yummies to pick up all my nostalgic candy.

Jelly Belly’s

Mary Janes

And my very good friend hand made all these white chocolate pretzels. They are so mouthwatering good that I almost didn’t want to share them with anyone else. Good thing that she brought me my own special bag so I wouldn’t have to share 🙂

Ivy’s Fine Cakes & Pastry
Canton Village Shops
95 Washington Street · Canton MA 02021

Legal Seafood Wine Cellar-Park Square

26 Park Plaza
Boston, MA 02116

Team Yu Photography


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