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As far as I’m concerned, this is the best part about getting married. We went to a few places, but ended up with The Icing on the Cake. Here is what we brought with us as a guide:

Saw this on the and decided  that it was a pretty cake. Paula worked with us and was patient with us as we tasted 5 or 6 flavors.  We picked square cakes, instead of round shown above. We were going to do ribbon on the base of the layers but then though against it. So a 6″ square-the top cake, was gold…my favorite cake. The middle was an 8″ golden amaretto cake, and the base was a 10″ lemon velvet cake! $45 extra because we wanted to square cakes and they are harder to frost because they have edges. It costs extra for a square cake. There is $200 deposit required, in cash or check only. Balance is due a few days before your event.

We were SO thrilled with how this cake came out! Photo courtesy of MKD photography.

We thought it was pretty accurate! The cake served 75 people – we brought TONS home!

The toppers I bought on line, a Husky groom and a terrier bride for our school mascots. They were supposed to be holding up their crossed hockey sticks, but they fell.  Later we come to find out the real reason why they aren’t holing the sticks is because the people didn’t secure the toppers on and the groom went down the back…and fractured…

They offered us a free fresh anniversary cake the following year if we sent them photos of the cake….yay!

Check them out:

Icing on the Cake

230 Adams Street

Newton MA 02458


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