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It was an unusually warm night, so we decided to meet friends out for after work drinks at Lolita on Dartmouth Street. We waited outside for about 25 minutes for our friends to show up-and while we were waiting on the corner there was some interesting people watching. We were approached by the same homeless man three times, and each time he didn’t recognize us from the last time we told him we didn’t have any cash-even though we were standing in the same exact place. The people going in and coming out of Lolita were trendy and middle aged. There were a few people in the senior age bracket, with their kids, I’m just not sure I would take MY mother to a tequila bar. We finally enter the restaurant it’s dim and the atmosphere is a little seductive. We get a table in the back-and have trouble deciding what we want to order-everything looks so tasty.

We are greeted by our served who comes with granita in hand-asking us if we would like a shot of tequila on top-on the house. Seriously, does anyone turn that down? We proceed to order, I get the cornbread to start us off. I could only eat this for the rest of my life and be a happy woman. The corn bread isn’t you’re average cornbread-it’s smooth in texture and almost cake like. Certainly more on the sweet than savory side, but throw in some cheese sauce deliciousness and you have hit diabetic coma!

The lobster enchilada. The waitress says that it’s kind of small, so thus my order of the calorie busting corn bread. Really though, it was just enough because it was so rich. Ancho orange glazed spiny lobster with fire roasted corn, chipotle chiles and monteray jack cheese. One word. YUM. Super creamy and delicious with a little bit of slow burn in the back of your throat-no lip numbing spice here. Delicious. Get again? Definitely.

Dessert-fried ice cream. Coconut ice cream with a corn flake crust and drizzled with chocolate sauce. The ice cream is cold and has a hint of coconut to it. The outside was a little chewy for our liking, I thought it was going to be crisp-and let’s face it, trying to cut open a softball sized scoop of ice cream is insanely difficult. We managed though, without a mess.

Service was ok. Nothing great, our waitress was a little stand off-ish….but friendly enough. We ended up leaving at 9:30, so it was nice to be able to sit and chat and not feel like we were being rushed out the door.

As if we weren’t stuffed already, they bring out cotton candy. We think it was a sour apple flavor and it had pop rocks spun into it. Cotton candy is tasty-brings you back to your youth, but in a classy way-no state fair candy here. I feel like when you are eating it, it feels as light as air, but then when you’ve finished, you always feel like your stomach hurts. Overall great meal-we will certainly be back because there are about 10 other dishes that we want to try.

Lolita Cucina and Tequila Bar

271 Dartmouth Street, Boston, MA


Valet parking available

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