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We sat at the bar the night we went to Oishii. I had made a mistake when I made the reservation, and that was the only seat we could get. We had an open table spotlight deal that we had to use before it expired, so we met up last month after work for a quick bite to eat. Even though we sat at the bar, the service was exceptional.

This was a special appetizer ($25)-I can’t for the life of me remember what it was called. It was king crab and Nantucket Bay scallops, served in a large scallop shell over warm coals. The chef did a play on the sauce, making it lighter than the original, less cheese and calories! Really delicious and a hot seller that night.

The hamachi truffle maki ($25). If you really love the flavor of truffle, you will love this maki-the taste is quite strong.

The Japanese yam maki ($10). The best part was the crunchy strings of yam!!

The spicy tuna tempura ($13) I love this roll. Crisp on the outside rather than the inside, salty and delicious.


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Boston MA 02118


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