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April 2011 we went to the Cafe Fleuri chocolate bar and had a less than stellar experience. The GM kindly responded to my complaints, and offered me a certificate of donation-complimentary brunch for two. Meanwhile, it took many months to coordinate and lots of phone tag. We finally went back in October-going with the hopes of a better experience and better service.

I brought my mom, my sister in law and my niece. I was ready to be greeted by a MOD, and given over the top service. To my surprise, no one came over during the whole meal, and our waiter made himself scarce. In fact, looking around, the staff was off in various corners being chatty with each other while the diners were left alone. There weren’t many people there that day-so it’s not like they were in the weeds-which I would understand…so I called it a wash in my head, and figured I would write this place off and never return.

Some of the items were the same from when we went before, there were a few new choices at the buffet this season. Meanwhile all that really mattered was that my niece was excited to be there (she got all dressed up) and was enjoying every bite.

The dj was there, blasting out good music and having a great time.

They have sweet AND savory chocolate items, although we stuck mainly with the sweet.

My niece’s eyes lit up when she saw the cotton candy! What kid can resist?

No hair this time in our food, and you can’t really see it clearly, but that brown spot towards the bottom of the cotton candy….yeah…it was a bug….and it was still alive….ick! And we will just end it there….

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