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Was at the Higham Holiday Market, an extension of SOWA, and decided to grab some Wahlbuger’s for lunch. Located near Alma Nove, Paul Walhberg’s first restaurant, in the Higham Ship Yard, this restaurant is the casual alternative to it’s upscale sister restaurant. When you walk in the door, you can have table service on the left hand side at high top tables, or you can go to the right, and  order a burger on your own-seat yourself in a booth. We chose to seat ourselves.

The decor is a modern casual burger joint-covered with  the Walhberg stamp. Decorative panels on the ceiling name the movies that the brothers that have been in. Mark and Donnie are the stars of this place, kind of makes you wonder about the other 6 Wahlberg siblings. They make themselves relatable by using “Government” American cheese on their burgers. Burgers are affordable, with everything on the menu under $10, the most expensive “triple” burger is $9.

I get the “smalhburger” with mushrooms and cheese. At 3 oz., and $4.50, they really are quite small. How do they taste? What are they like? I equate them to Flat Patties or Tasty Burger– flat thin patties that are no nonsense. A step up from fast food burgers, but nothing super fancy.

What was memorable was the sweet potato tater tots $3. Brings you back to your elementary school days, but better!! Smooth on the inside with that great crunch on the outside! We also grabbed two shakes, what surprised me was that my strawberry frappe wasn’t pink. Is that healthier? They’re made with farm fresh milk and Nona’s home made ice cream. Not too shabby.

They have take out available, which would be deadly if I lived closer! I’d probably eat them out of sweet potato tater tots! A good casual, low cost meal. Quite satisfactory. Stop on by, and perhaps catch a Wahlberg there.


The Hingham Shipyard
19 Shipyard Drive
Hingham, MA 02043

Sunday – Wednesday
11am – 11pm [kitchen]
11am – 12am [bar]

Thursday – Saturday
11am – 1am [kitchen & bar]

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