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We went back to Osaka in Coolidge Corner, under the assumption that hibachi is just better in groups. So on a Saturday night, around 7:30pm, we head over there. We are surprised to find out that the restaurant is PACKED, and if we want to have hibachi, the wait would be over an hour! So we sit in the “sit down” area of the restaurant with our friends Phil and Sara. I have the beef teriyaki ($20.95). Nicely plated and the sauce was good, I just wish the meat were a little more tender.

Phil gets  the hibachi chicken, prepared from the kitchen ($18.95).

Sara gets the “Hot lover roll”  which is spicy tuna, shrimp tempura, and avocado wrapped in soybean paper ($13.95). The plating in impressive. The sushi roll is a combination of everything I love!

We get the “Golden Roll” which is spicy tuna, avocado, “crunchy” with peach on top ($11.95). I thought that the roll was creative, and beautifully presented-the peaches were a little on the syrupy side…a tad too sweet for our liking.

The service was good-our waitress was attentive. The food was pretty good-I think that the most impressive part about this place is the presentation! All in all, it’s a new place in Coolidge Corner and everyone is flocking to it-the true test will be if it’s still this crowded in 6 months. I remember when the Regal Beagle moved in and lines to sit at a table were 2 1/2 hours long-these days you can get in no problem.


Japanese Sushi & Steak House
Coolidge Corner Location
14 Green Street, Brookline, MA 02446

Phone: 617-732-0088 / 0089
Fax: 617-732-0082

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