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I went to Uburger once, years ago, and didn’t feel good afterwards, so it took me a while to go back. And then….I’ve had it maybe 3 times in the last two months. One time, we were having a fake bbq (since you can’t have a real grill above the 2nd floor-we bought UBurger and just pretended we grilled) over at our place with 3 other couples. I walked out with $80 worth of food…that’s scary. We were just in Europe and we saw a woman with 5 paper grocery bags full of McDonalds…also scary because a)why does McDonalds EVEN MAKE bags that BIG…and b)how many people are you feeding with that much food?!?! I digress….

The first picture is of the Kenmore UBurger, and the 2nd photo, just above, is of the inside of the Comm. Ave location. Order at the counter and then seat yourself at the high stop bar stools or the low top tables. If it’s a nice day-grab a seat at one of the tables outside.

Now that there are no more finagle a bagels, and no more bagel buzz saw-come to UBurger where they have a burger conveyor belt. Hard to say which amuses me more…

My new burger-the” yuppie burger” swiss cheese, grilled mushrooms and bacon ($5.25). A pretty good burger, a thin flat patty with no nonsense toppings. The bun is good, and doesn’t get soggy on the ride home.The price is right for these burgers-add on a $4.25 strawberry frappe and I’m good to go. The fries are freshly hand cut and you can get your burger any way you like it. Not a burger person? They have chicken sandwiches and hot dogs too!



1022 Commonwealth Ave.
Monday-Saturday 11 to Midnight,
Sunday NOON-11


636 Beacon Street
Monday-Saturday 11 to 11,
Sunday NOON-11


140 Tremont Street
Monday-Saturday 11 to 11,
Sunday NOON-10

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