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Sara and Zoe invited me out to lunch before we stopped off at the Copley Farmer’s Market on a Friday afternoon this summer. I sometimes forget about the Parish Cafe, but every time I go back-I remember how much I love it there. Located at the end of Boylston Street, just steps away from Newbury Street, this restaurant is always packed-especially in the summer on weekends!

Each sandwich is named for the chef or restaurant that they are from. Most of the items on the menu are created by other chefs-and the standards are very high-this isn’t your every day kind of sandwich place.

*The Schlesinger / $12.95

Created by: Chris Schlesinger, Chef / Owner- East Coast Grille, Cambridge

Monterey jack cheese on warm banana nut bread topped with smoked ham and sided with a mango chutney. Served with pickled ginger red cabbage. How could this be bad right? So many complex flavors-a really tasty sandwich-and who doesn’t love any sandwich made on banana bread? There’s sweet from the banana bread-but not too sweet, as well as the mango chutney and pickled cabbage-there is a smokiness to the ham and a little kick to the cheese to bring it all together.

The Zuni Roll / $11.95
Created by: Norma Gillespie
Smoked turkey breast, crisp bacon, chopped scallions, dill havarti cheese, and cranberry-chipotle sauce wrapped in a flour tortilla and served warm with a side of homemade potato salad or coleslaw.

Sara gets one of my other favorites on the menu the zuni roll. Lunch time is slammed and expect to wait if you want to eat on the patio outside. Our waitress is busy but the service is good. They now have a second location on Mass Ave. Both locations serve their full menu til 1am and last call is at 2am-so stop by for a different sandwich every night of the week!

Parish Cafe

361 Boylston St. (617) 247-4777


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