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Let me start by saying that doughnuts (or do you prefer the donut spelling?) aren’t my sweet of choice, I don’t crave them or dream about them. I’m not a doughnut connoisseur, but I do know my pastries. I have seen Kane’s all over the place, in blogs, on food shows-you name it. So when Groupon came along with a $10 for $20 worth of doughnuts, I was on it!

Is a doughnut just a doughnut? Dunks rules the north east, and when Krispy Kreme came along-they didn’t last (although how can you say no to a warm doughnut??). How great could Kane’s be? Good enough to outlast Krispy Kreme, they have been around since 1955. But, Saugus is a hike. I finally motivated myself to drive out there. I was surprised to find that Kanes is bright,spacious and clean-people were sitting there mid morning reading the paper and munching on coffee and donuts.

I didn’t get too adventurous in my choices-butternut, raspberry coconut, coconut, lemon filled, blueberry filled, chocolate glazed and regular glazed.

And how could I not leave without one of Kanes famous coffee rolls-it’s the size of a dinner plate and could probably do some damage if you were to fling it at someone. The coffee roll was a little daunting, but we sliced it up and dug in. I was hoping for more of a cinnamon swirl inside, but upside was that the dough was SO fresh and light. The sweet, sugary glaze on the outside gave you just the right amount of sugar rush you need to get your morning started. Good, but not sure if it was as amazing as everyone claimed it to be…

The butternut. How do you even describe the flavor-coconut-y sweetness with a little bit of crunch. Dunkin who? These doughnuts are twice the size of those at Dunks and SO light inside. They have a sweet and nutty flavor with a crunch that can’t be beat. By far my favorite of the lot.

I’m not a huge blueberry fan, I can’t do blueberry pie (GASP!!, I know!!)…the filing was tasty, but there was just so much of it-it made it a bit overwhelming for my taste.

The lemon filled.

I have to admit when I tried this one, I was thinking that the filling was going to be like those hostess pies-you know the ones you had as a kid, with the really thick opaque lemon goo inside. To my surprise, the filling was light-as was the doughnut-and it had a sweet lemony flavor to it. After trying this one, it made me wish that I had bought a jelly donut to see what those would have tasted like.

The glazed donut was light as air with a sweet, sugary glaze on it. It was gone before you could blink an eye, you almost felt like it was good for you….almost. I always think that glazed donuts are sort of plain, but let me reassure you that this one does not disappoint.

I don’t have close ups of the coconut or the raspberry coconut-my father consumed those before I could even take a picture of them, he loves a good coconut donut. He reported though, that the coconut donut was “deadly”, meaning he could go back to his old ways and have one of these every day for breakfast! No word yet on the raspberry coconut….

All in all-great donuts. Better than the average-although I wish that it was closer-it seems like a far trek to get a donut (that coming from the girl who drives up to NH to get breakfast). The staff was polite and kind-$20 bought me a dozen donuts and a huge coffee roll-that seems like a good deal to me, and the fact that it actually cost me $10 was even better!

Kane’s Donuts

120 Lincoln Avenue
Saugus, MA 01906-2812

(781) 233-8499

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