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I am meeting friends here one night after work. I ask the hostess if the rest of my party has arrived and she says no. So I head outside to wait for my friends….all the meanwhile, they are sitting in the booth in the back thinking that I’m running late. So as we wait for the 4th in our party-the same hostess comes over and says that since the whole party isn’t here yet, she has to take the menus back so that  people with full tables can use them. Really??At this point we are all kind of annoyed.

The “original 5  napkin burger”, a 10 oz. fresh ground chuck, gruyere cheese, caramelized onions, rosemary aioli, soft white roll ($10.95)…we have been waiting for this!! My friend had been to the 5 napkin burger in NYC and said it was amazing, so I couldn’t wait to try my burger! (Note that all sides are a la carte and are priced around $3.75). The roll was soft and yet it didn’t become a grease soaked mess-score. The burger itself was excellent-I love the combination of gruyere cheese and onions. I’d say overall, a middle of the road experience. The setting was casual-somewhere between Burger King and Bristol Lounge. The burger itself was not as casual as let’s say Tasty Buger but it was not as fancy/gourmet as Back Bay Social Club. Besides the service, we give 5 Napkin Burger two thumbs up….

5 Napkin Burger

105 Huntington Avenue (Prudential Center) Boston , MA 02199
(617) 375-2277

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