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You name the coupon site, and I am totally a fan. Buywithme, groupon, and now- levelup. I am their target audience-and it totally goes with the theory of girl logic-if it’s on sale, or I’m getting a deal, then I must buy it! So Toscanini’s was a place I had been wanting to try out-and the offer was $5 for $10 worth of ice cream. So it’s basically get two ice creams of the price of one-SOLD!

A great little spot in Cambridge-when we arrive, it’s pretty packed…seems like the neighborhood place to be. Although it is crowded, the line moves quickly due to the ample staff behind the counter and we were even able to score a seat in the corner!

They have some great flavors, but I decide to go with something pretty safe-the creamsicle. The ice cream is thick and creamy, and melting a little before it even gets handed over the counter to me. Overall, really tasty-so thick you could make it a meal. The creamsicle flavor is pretty tasty, and bonus points for not being neon orange!

We also get a medium chocolate mint-which is totally not the flavor name, but it escapes me at the moment. The chocolate is super strong, but the mint is subtle. Also creamy but a lot firmer than the creamsicle flavor. Overall, a pretty good ice cream spot,I’d definitely go back for a second time since their flavors rotate often and they have unique choices  in addition to the standard fare. Plus, how could you not try out somewhere that just won Improper Bostonian’s Best of Boston?


899 Main St., Cambridge » 617-491-5877 »

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