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A few weeks ago I had the chance to meet a great artist, Tim Murley. I had seen his works in Brookline Bank before, but really took notice at his past showing at Berryline in the Fenway. A painting he did of chickens caught my eye, but by the time I emailed him, it had already been sold. I went back down to check out the other chicken paintings that he had on display and fell in love with this one, titled “Lemon Lazuli”. The picture doesn’t do the painting justice-and note that I know nothing about are except what is pleasing to my eye.The texture of the painting is the best part-the colors are amazing, and you can’t see it on the photo, but the lemons have little specks of gold.

Tim is lucky enough to do his art full time, and when I met him, he was just in the process of moving studios and artwork. You can catch his art on display at the JP Licks in Coolidge Corner. Check out his website for a better idea of his work:

Here is the other really cool part, I think, about Tim’s artwork. On the back is every date that he worked on the painting-I love that his art is always a work in progress!

As I said before, in the short time that I met Tim, and the emails that we exchanged, he seems like a pretty cool guy-with a dry sense of humor just like mine. When I first emailed him in April he had just had his appendix taken out (yikes!). He wrote me a quick email explaining the situation with a “p.s.” at the end saying “still alive”, and another email with the subject line saying “back from the dead”. I guess what I am saying is that it’s an added bonus when you buy a piece of art you love, that the person who you are giving your money to is also a cool person. So check out his work-I know I am going to keep an eye out for his new stuff-and he has some pretty cool Fenway Park scenes! So check him out at or stop by JP Licks to look at his work in person.

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