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We were on our way out of town and stopped at Laughing Moon Chocolates.

We had been there before and loved it, so we figured we would grab some goodies for the road!!

We picked out some good stuff while be entertained by the owner’s young son – he was showing us his karate moves! Above is the salted caramel-such a good blend between salty and sweet-the caramel just melts in your mouth! The chocolate was so creamy…I could have eaten a whole box of these!

The peppermint bark was delicious-sweet but not overly so!

The cashew turtle-boy do I love turtles! This one was delicious and didn’t break your teeth like some turtles can!

We brought home some bars for a friend-above the milk bar. Didn’t get a chance to try these, but judging from the chocolate in the pieces that we bought out of the case, these are probably just as good-and nothing but good things were reported from our friend.

The dark chocolate bar.

Dark chocolate with espresso-how could you possibly go wrong with this?

And finally, a cashew nut cluster-so tasty and there was no skimping on the nuts!!

We stop at Simon Pearce on the way home for lunch. If you want to go, you can find them at:

The Mill at Quechee
Simon Pearce Retail Store

1760 Quechee Main Street
Quechee, VT 05059

The day is a little warm but we opt to eat out on the porch area-the view in the winter time is beautiful, but you just can’t beat the summer time view!

I start with the Vermont cheddar soup-so thick and creamy. The cheddar flavor is subtle in some bites and strong in others.

If you’ve read this blog before, you know I’m a sucker for bread plates/baskets. The brown bread is an Irish bread, they import the flour from Ireland. The sour dough bites are addictive-we ordered another round-and the butter is salty and light…..yum!!

I never get salads when we go out to eat, but I thought that the soup would be filling so I opted for a salad to keep the meal on the lighter side. A simple Caesar salad with garlic bread and fried oysters! Just when you thought that you couldn’t make a Caesar better, throw on some oysters and your taste buds will go crazy!!

We also had the pork-which, when looking at the size, you can see why I went for the salad after having the soup. The pork was tender and juicy, a really nice texture and flavor to it, with sweet potato strings on top. The strings were good, although some were on the cooler, less crunchy more soggy side.

For dessert, a lemon cake, with a little bit of a sugar crust on top, drizzled with raspberry sauce and fresh strawberries. Amazing. Love the cake, the inside is moist and light, the lemon flavor is subtle-and the crunch from the sugar on top might be my favorite part! The fresh berries on top make the dish light and summery-the perfect way to end a meal.

We do a little shopping in the retail store after lunch, and decide that we are going to treat ourselves to two champagne flutes. They are beautiful and sturdy-hand blown glass, each one is different-so we take our time looking for two that are close enough in height as well as design in the stem. At $85 a flute, these babies are NOT cheap, but we were celebrating, and will treasure these for years to come-totally worth the investment. And that was the end of our trip-we had a great time in Vermont, we were sad that the vacation had to come to an end, but excited to go back again sometime soon!

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