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I really like the Nodstrom’s Cafe in the Natick Collection, so when my friend Melissa asked me to meet her out at the Burlington Mall, we naturally decided on Blue Stove. Blue Stove is a restaurant that features tapas style plates meant to be shared at the table. Melissa and I start with the cheese plate, pretty sparse…if you’re going to give that little cheese, I feel like you should put it on a salad plate, and then I wouldn’t even notice that there’s next to no cheese. The cheese was pretty common, I would give the plate a “C”.

The chicken tacos were quite tasty-the shell was crunchy and the meat was flavorful.

I had the shrimp and asparagus tempura. The tempura batter was really light, although a little on the greasy side. We cleaned the plate the food was so tasty.

Blue Stove offers full service, as opposed to the Cafe in the Natick Collection where you order at the front and a waiter brings the food to your table. Service was good-the food was timed well-our server was polite and efficient. I prefer the food at the Natick Collection, but this wasn’t a bad alternative.


Blue Stove

75 Middlesex Turnpike

Burlington MA 01803

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