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I posted a while ago about these brownies from Tader Joe’s that Katie had recommended to me. She also told me about these chocolate muffins from Stop and Shop. Normally I would pass up this section at the market-I’m a bakery snob. But Katie promised that they were worth it. Enter the “double dutch”.  A super chocolaty muffing that could only have been made better if there were chocolate chips inside. The muffin was light and almost cake like in consistency-forget breakfast, this could be your dessert…and it was mine. I thought about variations on the muffin to make it even better-fresh whipped cream and raspberries with a raspberry syrup from Stonewall Kitchen, lemon curd for that tang to balance the sweetness, and maybe even grilling up the muffin and throwing on some chocolate sauce and strawberries. I immediately thought of the French Toast at Normas. The muffin tastes great by itself but if you were to add something to it, what would it be?

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