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Grilled Cheese….it’s so in right now. Enter Cheeseboy-located in South Station. Made to order, using fresh ingredients.  The menu is pretty simple and straight forward, 4 choices of bread, 5 choices of cheese, and a handful of meat and veggie options.

We made a special trip to South Station, just for the grilled cheese. Seats were hard to come by-lots of people there waiting for their trains. We finally scored one and sat down to enjoy our sandwiches.

I had mine with Italian bread, provolone cheese and bacon. The grilled cheese was perfectly toasted, a nice golden brown-just the way I like it. The cheese was nicely melted and the bacon was crisp and wonderfully salty.

So, for about $7, for a sandwich and soda, I had a really nice lunch. I don’t know if I would go out of my way to make a special trip to go to South Station for a grilled cheese again, but if I were there taking the train, it would certainly be my number one choice. It’s a great idea, and the location is ideal, with all those people who are coming in and out of South Station looking for a quick bite to eat or to grab something on the go.


South Station Train Concourse 720 Atlantic Ave., Boston, MA 02110

(617) 737-4600

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