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A Little Bit About a Lot of Things

A lifestyle blog with a focus on my food adventures

Katie always steers me the the right direction when it comes to great buys at the supermarket-she’s the one that told me about the cheddar broccoli soup at Stop and Shop and their famous Miami rolls! Since then, she has introduced me to the sea salt brownies at Trader Joe’s. Little bite size pieces of heaven-fudge like in consistency-moist and fresh-it satisfies your sweet AND salty cravings.

These are so good, and because they are bite sized you can have two or three and not feel guilty about it! Ever since she told me about them, I’ve been addicted to these brownies.  And I’ll fill you in on the next best thing that she told me about, the chocolate muffins at Stop and Shop-haven’t tried them yet…but keep your eyes peeled for a post in the near future.

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