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I went back to Asana for the second time in a month, just to see if I really did like it there as much as I thought I did. They were running their restaurant week menu the whole month of March. I went in with best intentions of ordering off the restaurant menu week, but….in the end…ended up ordering a la carte.

We arrive and sit in a table in the back-we have a great view of the whole room. There are only a few other tables sat, and I think to myself why people haven’t found this place! I’m in the middle of telling my friend about the great experience I had last time I was here, and who should walk over, but the waitress I had the last time I was there. Mentally I noted that her name was Abagail, not Jodie Foster. She recognized me-which was really nice. I told her that I just HAD to try the chocolate cake that she had been raving about.

We started with the butter poached Maine lobster with roasted butternut squash puree and baby arugula ($20). There were large pieces of lobster, although on the plate they looked quite small. The meat was firm but not over cooked. The lobster meat was sweet and decadent.

I had the house made papardelle ($21) with wild mushroom, arugula, truffle oil, and shaved Pecorino Romano cheese (see above). Not as good as the osso bucco but quite tasty. The sauce was thick and rich-the pasta was cooked perfectly al dente. There was so much pasta that I ended up taking half of it home!

And here is what I, you all, have been waiting for. The chocolate cake. The quintuple chocolate cheesecake  ($10).
29% 64% CACAO BERRY ◦ 40% 70% 80% VALRHONA. There was a dark chocolate ganache sauce on the bottom, sprinkled with white chocolate chunks, the milk chocolate is the actual cheesecake (with an oreo cookie crust) and it is enrobed with dark chocolate and an even darker chocolate shell. Pure HEAVEN. Even with the two of us, we couldn’t finish the dessert it was so rich! An excellent choice.

So, my second trip here was just as wonderful as the first. I highly recommend making the trip over to Asana.

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in the Mandarin Oriental Hotel

776 Boylston Street Boston, MA

617) 535 8800


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