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I follow Free Food Boston’s blog, and towards the end of last year there were a lot of posts about Dorado Taco’s…talking about how fantastic their brunch was. It only took me what, 5 months to get there? Check out the Free Food Boston Post on Dorado.

We arrived on a Saturday morning at around 11:30 am. Inside, there are enough seating for about 15 and some counter seats by the window. The space is bright and clean.

There were a lot of college kids there-the price is right after all. You know they weren’t from around the area when you can hear them say that they were surprised that Zaftig’s had an hour wait!

I ordered the breakfast quesadillas, 12 inch flour tortilla with three cheeses, scrambled eggs, & salsa fresca (for $4.50) and for a $1 more, I added spicy portabella mushrooms (you can get House-made pork chorizo, Grilled marinated steak, Grilled marinated chicken, and Grilled zucchini & red peppers each for just a  dollar more). You can also add Guacamole +.75, add Sour Cream +.50, Add Rice & Beans +1.00, and Add Patatas Bravas +2.00. There was really great flavor in the quesadilla-the cheese was melted and the eggs were fluffy and light. I love the spicy mushrooms-they weren’t “hot” spicy, as in burn your lips, but they had  more of a warm spice.

My dining companion had the 2 breakfast taco plate ($6.25) that come with scrambled eggs, salsa fresca & guacamole, rice and black beans. The tacos come with two tortillas each, and you definitely need them because there is so much filling inside-it’s a little hard to eat them politely. The beans also had a warm spice flavor to them-as in, it doesn’t hit you right away but warms the back of your throat.

We had a really great breakfast there-the food was excellent-the service was quick and efficient-and the best part….they serve beer! (and sangria). We can’t wait to go back and try the other things on the menu!

Dorado Tacos and Cemitas

401 Harvard Street Brookline, MA 02446

Open 11AM – 10PM

(617) 566-2100


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