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I can’t remember what magazine I saw these in, but decided they looked good enough to order.

Two cookies with frosting sandwiched in between. I bought the assorted half dozen for $18.

The Red Velvet. “Divine and scrumptious Ghirardelli double chocolate chip red velvet cookies made with premium white chocolate morsels, sandwiched together with our whipped vanilla cream cheese spread.” The red velvet cookie was excellent, with chunks of white chocolate in them. I loved the flavor of the cream cheese frosting. I am a sucker for anything red velvet.

The s’mores chocolate ganache. “From a campfire favorite to an exquisite, savory experience this gourmet version is made of Graham Cracker crumb chocolate chip cookies with a Ghirardelli chocolate marshmallow ganache in the middle.” I loved the chocolate chip cookie. Marshmallows aren’t really my thing but they were fresh and covered in a rich chocolate ganache. It really did make you feel like you were getting a modern version of a s’more.

The amaretto tiramisu. They don’t offer this flavor any more, instead they have replaced it with the “strawberry shortcake”. The cookie was fresh and chewy and the filling tasted like a strong cup of coffee.

The peanut butter. “One of our personal favorites, these cookie sandwiches consists of chewy peanut butter cookies featuring rolled oats, all natural peanut butter and fresh roasted peanuts. They are held together by a whipped peanut butter and milk chocolate morsel ganache.” This one was my favorite. Really strong peanut butter  flavor in the cookie and the frosting inside was outstanding-sort of like a peanut butter cookie dough.

I guess they had run out of the carrot cake because we got doubled up on red velvet instead. I was looking forward to trying that one the most, but there will definitely be a next time! I think these were really great-we ate them  like oreos-taking off the top cookie and eating it separate because there is no way you can get the whole thing in your mouth at one time! 🙂

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