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Bon Chon chicked used to be located in Privus, next to the now closed Kells on Brighton Ave. They have since re-opened down the street at 123 Brighton Avenue. Parking can be limited on the street, especially on weekend nights, and it gets super crowded, so you might want to stop in early, get take out, or come prepared to wait.

The place inside is dim and a club like. It’s a place where people come to socialize over food-the center has tables that you can cook at, and around the outside are booths. There is club music bumping in the background and the noise level is at a frantic hum.

They bring you out some pickled radishes and some cole slaw. The radishes are sweet and tangy. The coleslaw is pretty tasty-even if it’s not really my thing.

We started off with some gyoza-pork, pan fried dumplings ($5.95). Nice and light-not too greasy.

We also had the bulgogi-korean rib eye ($15.95). Really nice flavor with the marinade, it came out on a sizzling plate. My favorite Korean dish.

Bon chon fried rice ($8.95)- a little spicy, but not in a super hot way where you will be fanning your mouth-it’s more of a peppery spice.

The bon chon chicken ($27.95). Extra crispy on the outside, sweet with the soy garlic sauce, and really moist and tender on the inside. The combo platter of drumsticks and wings-the drumsticks are HUGE. We got the large portion (23 pieces)-enough for 3-4 people. The prices are a little steep, but they are the only game in town, so they can dictate the prices. The service was good-although food came out at very different times. Our server was friendly and cheerful-making sure to keep our sodas bottomless and our water glasses filled.

Bon Chon

123 Brighton Ave Between Harvard Ave & Linden St (617) 254-8888

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