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We had to take an unexpected trip to New York. We stayed at the London Hotel in mid-town (151 West 54th St). It’s a really great location, and the Carnegie Deli is just a block away. There is also as Hertz location less than a block away if you need to rent a car.

The rooms are all suite style. Above is the living room-looks like it is great for entertaining.The front hallway-the cabinets hide a mini bar and a room safe.

A rocker in the living room adds extra seating.

Flat screen tv mounted to the wall and a desk area.

The bedroom can be closed off by two glass french doors. The rooms have either two twin beds or a king sized bed.

The bedroom also has a flat screen tv and the light switch opens and closes the shades.

The closet area going towards the bathroom was spacious.

The bathroom was enormous.

The shower had two sides to it, one side, above, had a regular shower head.

The other side had a falling rain shower. The bathroom was spa-like in design, very sleek and modern. The bathroom is closed off from the hallway by a pocket door-and my only complaint is that the bathroom didn’t have a faun, so after you take a hot shower, the bathroom…and the bedroom windows were all steamed up.

The view was nothing to write home about…

We got in late, and I was starving, but didn’t want anything heavy-so I got a…wait for it…..$12 ice cream….but it was hand packed. HA.

I think it’s amusing that they are saying hand packed like it magically makes the ice cream better, it’s like saying the ice cream was hand scooped into your cone.

In the morning, we walk two blocks to Norma’s at Le Parker Meridien (119 West 56th Street). Super busy with people having morning breakfast meetings.

We sat at the back again at a two top.

The smoothie shot of the day was a strawberry banana smoothie.

I have the chocolate hazelnut fruit filled crepes ($20). Strawberries were in one and bananas in the other. The crepes were tasty-my only complaint was that when you got into the middle of them, the liquid from the fruit all gushed out and it was a watery mess on the bottom of the plate-making the crepes a bit soggy if you didn’t hurry and eat them all up!

My dining companion had the home made granola (with almonds and dried fruit) with fresh fruit ($15). Really tasty and it was big pieces of granola-yum!

Norma's at Le Parker Meridien on Urbanspoon

On out way home from the city, we make a pit stop at Rein’s Deli (435 Hartford Turnpike (Exit 65 off I-84), Vernon, CT 06066). We have been stopping here for as long as I can remember. Located in CT, it’s a major stop for bus tour groups. A Jewish style deli with sandwiches a foot tall! Rein’s was originally across the street but year ago the place burnt down and they re-built across the street at it’s current location.

The seating area in the front, but they also have two back rooms-so there is plenty of space.

The Matoh ball soup. Plain and no nonsense. The matzoh ball was firm yet fluffy. The chicken soup had a nice flavor to it.

Potato pancakes with apple sauce and sour cream. I think that I am used to seeing potato pancakes made with shredded potatoes, these were more like pureed. Nicely crisped up, with a good flavor.

The pastrami and swiss on a plain bagel. Yum!! The meat was lean and the cheese, sliced paper thin.

New York Style cheesecake. Really nice flavor to it, dense and rich with strawberries on top. So stop in to Rein’s on your next trip to NYC, they’re open at 7am and close at midnight!

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