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We have some good (long-time) friends who have everything. They just got married this past June-and received all the gifts that go with a wedding. They just moved into their first condo and invited us over to see the new place. What to get the couple that has everything? Flowers, done it. Champagne? They have about 10 bottles in their fridge. My parent’s neighbor sent me the link to a website their friend just started and told me to check her out.  She makes customized place mats-lots of super cute designs…it was so hard to pick out which ones we liked best and they weren’t even for us!


We ended up going with the anchors-with the couple’s monogram-in the navy/turquoise/white option.


We also got the gates-with the couple’s monogram- in the navy and white option.


And the diamonds-with the couple’s monogram in the navy and white option.

I had them come to my house so I could check them out before we gave them as a gift. They are super cute! They are laminated and sturdy, while being fashionable and SUPER cute! They have over 25 patterns to choose from and a wide variety of color options to pick from-and you can even custom design your own place mat. We brought them over to our friend’s house and they LOVED them!! They couldn’t say enough nice things about them-and they can’t wait to buy more on their own! Place mats are $15 each or $13 each when you buy 6 or more.

So check out the website: and order your customized place mats today! Or call Andi at (818) 501-0949.

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