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I had been hearing about Genki Ya from my friends who live in Brookline-they rave about it. The draw to this place is that they have organic sushi and you can get the rolls made with brown rice as a healthier option.

The restaurant is pretty small, there is a sushi counter and a few tables around the perimeter. I am glad that we decided to order take out. We order the tuna and kimchee ($9.45) which is sashimi style, just pieces of fish on top of a bed of kimchee. The woman on the phone asks me if I’m SURE I want kimchee, because it’s pretty spicy. Bring on the spice. I forgot to take a picture of it, because I was so anxious to have at it. The tuna was really tasty and fresh and the kimchee was really good-spicy with a slow burn in the back of your throat-not as spicy as other kimchee I’ve had, but really tasty.

The gyoza ($6.95) pan fried pork dumplings. Really light and tasty, the wonton skins area super thin and the pork filling is really flavorful.

The California roll ($6.45) -crab, avocado, and cucumber. Not bad-this is a pretty basic roll.

The shrimp tempura roll ($8.95) was ok-the rice was a little bit loose and they were heavy on the soy sauce they added for you on top.

The sushi and sashimi here were pretty good, but I tend to favor Gari over Genki Ya-you just can’t beat Gari’s shrimp tempura roll!

Genki Ya

398 Harvard Street, Brookline, MA 02446 (617) 277-3100 ‎

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