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My long time friend put together an afternoon of burgers at the Bristol Lounge-what a great idea! On Wednesdays, they have this great promotion that I had seen before on Chronice.In addition, the Bristol won the 2011 KO Prime burger battle for the second year in a row.

Burgers and Burgundy Wednesdays Choose from four variations of our famous Bristol burger – original, montrachet, croque madame, and grand cru – paired with tastings of two Burgundian-style wines selected by our wine director. Offered on Wednesday evenings during dinner. USD 35.00 per person, plus applicable taxes and gratuity.

They have afternoon tea from 3pm-4:15pm, so we were able to sneak in at 2:30 and still get burgers. I love the Four Seasons, the service is impeccable. From when I pulled up in a cab and the doorman opened my door, to the professionalism of the hostess and wait staff. The restaurant is dim, dark woods, brown chair covers, it says classy without being snobby. We are surrounded by young girls and their mothers, dressed up in frilly flower girl-esque  dresses, talking about who would get the last smoked salmon sandwich. We were all talking about how, if this is what you are doing at age 5, what do you have to look forward to when you are 20? On to the more important things…the burger, we all get one. The burger is “The Bristol Burger”, Char-Grilled, Vermont Cheddar Cheese, House-Made Pickles, Truffle French Fries. Read about it from another blogger, the Boston Burger Blog. So what does a $21 burger taste like? Not too shabby. I order mine medium, with a cool pink center, and it is the perfect balance of juicy-ness. Juicy enough to be moist but not so juicy that when you pick it up it drips and makes the bun soggy. The meat is flavorful and well seasoned. The cheese looks like it may be too thin, but it covers the burger so every bite it covered in cheese. What makes the burger even better is the parmesan truffle french fries-crisp, light, delicious. My friends were making a big deal about a $21 burger, however, I’ve already had one…at the Back Bay Social Club. A very different kind of burger. You have to ask yourself what do you like in a burger? Do you like perfectly seasoned meat-is that most important? Or do you like what gets put ON the burger better, ie. mac and cheese, onion rings etc. Because the meat was excellent at the Bristol, but if you’re looking for great toppings, I’d head over the the Boston Burger Company. Like caramelized onions on your burger, definitely go to the Back Bay Social Club…it all depends on what you like.

While we are extremely full from lunch and ready to put on our elastic waist band pants, we decide that we will order the chocolate cake for dessert. Let’s Split It Chocolate Devil’s Food Cake – Tower Layered with Truffle Ganache, Vanilla Buttercream and Crème De Cacao, Serves Two to Four Persons. Well for us, it served 9. It looks like an oreo layer cake. The cake is light and fluffy, and so is the butter cream for that matter, and super smooth. The top is covered in chocolate ganache and edible gold. A really nice way to end a meal.


Bristol Lounge

200 Boylston Street
Boston, MA 02116

(617) 351-2037

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