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I frequently go to Treat Cupcake Bar during the week. I went on a Sunday afternoon and the place was MOBBED. There were lots of kids making their own cupcakes and people like me, redeeming their coupon.

There store is so great for kids, everyone was having a ton of fun.

They have an open kitchen so you can see what is going on! We bought a dozen for a family party, so lucky me, I had a chance to sample a little of each one! I have to say that most of the cupcakes were baked a few minutes too long, so the tops were hard. The good news is that the insides were still moist and I am willing to give them the benefit of the doubt because I have had some good cupcakes from there before.

The sprinkles cupcake. Vanilla cake with sprinkles inside the cake. Vanilla frosting coated with sprinkles. Pretty good as far as vanilla on vanilla goes.

The vanilla Plain Jane, vanilla cake with vanilla frosting. A few sprinkles on top but I prefer the sprinkles cupcake to this one.

The chocolate plain jane, chocolate cake with vanilla frosting. Tons of frosting, good chocolate cake.

I can’t remember, but I want to say they called this one the fluffernutter. The cake was way over cooked-the top was hard. I love the presentation though, the peanut butter frosting was good,if not a little overwhelming. There was a nice marshmallow filling like the inside of the hostess cupcake, yum!

The peanut butter overload, chocolate cake, peanut butter cups, peanut butter frosting and chocolate ganache. Pretty tasty, love the ganache on the cupcake, it reminded me of the chocolate dip you get on ice cream.

Nor’easter or North pole? Can’t remember. Really cute presentation, vanilla cake with white chocolate drizzle and glittery sprinkles. The frosting was just sweet enough, loved it.

Chocolate cake, chocolate drizzle. As you can see, the cake was discolored…and frankly it tasted a little weird….I liked the frosting and the chocolate drizzle.

funky chunky oreo, chocolate cake with oreos, chunky oreo frosting and chocolate ganache. This was the last one that I tasted, atleast things ended on a good note. The chocolate cake was super moist and I love the oreo frosting, not too sweet!

Needham Cream pie, gold cake, vanilla filling, chocolate frosting. This was really weird for was vanilla in the middle, the cake was dry…just weird.

Red velvet-red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting. I love the tartness of the cream cheese frosting but the cake was a little dry.

bugs bunny-carrot cake with cream cheese frosting. The cake smelled super spicy but it ended up being a little bland. I love the cream cheese frosting and the nuts up on top.

lemon drop-gold cake, lemon frosting, sugar and candy lemon. Again, the cake was dry, and the top was hard. That being said, I love the lemon frosting, really mellow.

So I was reading some yelp reviews and someone mentioned that they make their cupcakes in advance and freeze them, which seemed a little weird to me. The cupcakes would have been great if they had been cooked about 3 minutes less…they would have been moister (and no hard top). You would think that with so many people there the turnover would be significant and the cupcakes would be really fresh. Because I’ve had good cupcakes from them before, I am willing to say everyone has a bad day….however, if this were my first time, or if I had paid full price for the cupcakes, I would probably be really disappointed. I hope when I go in to use my other buywithme coupon, that the cupcakes will be fresher!

Treat Cupcake Bar

1450 Highland Ave
Needham, MA 02492

(781) 444-4995

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