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We stopped in to pick up some take out from Mandarin Gourmet. I am always on the hunt for great Chinese food.

We peeked into the dining room, I really liked the traditional look of it.

The broth of the wonton soup was flavorful-not watered down like some can be. The wontons were tasty, minus the fatty piece of meat inside.

The scallion pancakes were the best part of the dinner. Really thick with a really strong scallion flavor. They could have been a meal all by themselves…and they were so good that you didn’t even need to dip them in sauce.

Old school egg rolls, but minus the grease. You know what I’m talking about, the kind with the red bits of meat inside. They were tasty, although a little heavy on the cabbage-it overpowered the egg rolls flavor.

In the take out container, the chicken lo mein looked dark. Dark sauce to me usually means thick, heavy, salty sauce. I was pleasantly surprised by just how light the sauce was. As simple a dish as this is, it was well done. Over all, the meal was ok. Nothing spectacular, but not disappointing either.

Mandarin Gourmet

Szechuan & Mandarin Cuisines
Tel: (617) 325-6661
(617) 325-6662
Fax: (617) 325-6686
1020 West Roxbury Parkway
ChestnutHill, MA 02467

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