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Starting on the top left, going down and then across by column:

Roasted almond-roasted almond butter with almond nibs in milk chocolate. A little bit on the gritty side, really tasted like almond butter.

Pecan Caramel Duet-crunchy pecan pulled caramel over chocolate caramel, enrobed in milk chocolate. The caramel is dense-I loved the crunchy pecans inside, it gave a little salty bite to the chocolate. There is also a dark chocolate caramel embrace which looks similar (at the bottom of the 2nd column) that is soft vanilla or chocolate caramel.

A little fuzzy-sorry. Whole almond praline-our signature hazelnut praline with a whole almond in milk chocolate. Really nice smooth whipped-like praline with a crunchy whole almond-yum!

Again, sorry-a little blurry. Hazelnut Praline-traditional hazelnut praline in milk chocolate decorated with toffee coated hazelnut pieces. I love the toffee hazelnuts-but the praline inside has such a nice smooth consistency that it’s hard to choose what’s the best part. Good thing you don’t have to!

Milk and Dark Lion-butterscotch caramel in milk or dark chocolate. The caramel is gooey inside but has a nice smooth flavor.

Macadamia mosaic-chocolate hazelnut praline with macadamia pieces in milk chocolate. Really nice whipped consistency praline inside that is paired nicely with the crunch from the nuts on the outside.

Praline crescent-hazelnut and milk chocolate praline in milk chocolate. Really nice, really smooth. A nice nutty flavor without actual nut pieces.

Almond Crunch-almond pieces in milk chocolate dipped in dark chocolate. The dark chocolate is on the bottom. It’s one of the harder/crunchier pieces in the collection, it had a really nice flavor to it.

Pecan Caramel Cluster-vanilla caramel and pecans in milk chocolate. Basically Godiva’s answer to the turtle.

Almond Praline teardrop-roasted almond praline in milk chocolate. So good, tasted like really nutty peanut butter. A lot smoother than the roasted almond truffle.

Milk praline heart-signature hazelnut praline in milk chocolate. Like the whole almond praline but without the whole almond. Really smooth inside.

Raspberry caramel duet-tart raspberry over smooth vanilla caramel enrobed in dark chocolate. The raspberry is a little jarring-there was something just a little off about it, but I can’t put my finger on it. The inside was smooth, both the caramel and the raspberry but it was hard to find the caramel flavor.

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