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Chocolate lovers will swoon at our newest creations, inspired by favorite bakery treats. The Limited Edition collection includes rich, dark, Chocolate Lava Cake with a spectacular molten fondant center; I was surprised at the molten center, even though I knew it was coming-pretty good though, very rich.

spicy Carrot Cake “frosted” in milk chocolate and rolled in chopped pecans; frosting on one half, spicy ganache on the other. Nice combination.

Southern-style Red Velvet Cake in white chocolate with a heart of sweet chocolate ganache;tasted like delicious brownie batter, very rich.

all American Cheesecake ganache in milk chocolate, topped with crust-like crumbs;

white chocolate Tiramisu, an ethereal blend of mascarpone and espresso ganache; it tasted like the real thing!

and Strawberry Tarte swirling sweet berries and tart rhubarb through vanilla mousse, enrobed in milk chocolate. When it’s time for dessert, fore go the cake and go straight to the truffles. I dont know if I really got a strong strawberry flavor with this one.

$15/6pcs (2 pieces=210 calories and 14g of fat)

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