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The cesar-delicate chocolate cup piped full of praline textured with caramelised nut pieces (3 chocolates per serving/ 237 calories per serving).

I really liked this piece, smooth and creamy with added crunch from the hazelnuts- a really nice flavor.

The H box.

What’s inside.

The brownie-our version of the classic bake: pecan paste, chocolate and choco-crispies for added texture. I’ve had these before, and they didn’t disappoint.

The praline cup-the smoothest of pralines encased in dreamy milk chocolate. I liked the smooth praline in the middle against the solid chocolate cup, it gave nice variety with the textures.

Isabelle-a praline filled cup topped with honey and almond florentine. I love anything praline and the florentine was sweet and crunchy.

Amaretto-sublime buttercream with a touch of amaretto. Amaretto has this nice smooth nutty flavor, this was really tasty.

Milk house praline-our signature praline-ultra smooth and deeply satisfying in a mellow milk chocolate. Again, how can you go wrong with praline?

Butterscotch ganache-with a shortbread biscuit. I didn’t know how I was going to feel about this one, I don’t usually like the chocolates with cookies in them from Hotel Chocolat, but this was made me change my mind. Love the shortbread biscuit.

Orange praline-a marriage made in heaven…the citrus tang of orange with the smooth melt of ultra smooth praline. I’ve said before, that I don’t particularly like fruit and chocolate together, so this one didn’t do it for me. Although, of all the fruit filled chocolates in the box, this was the best.

Mousse au chocolat-melt away chocolate mousse utterly devoted to chocolaty bliss. Plain and simple but excellent none the less.

Going nuts-the crunch of whole roasted hazelnuts against the smooth melt of hazelnut praline. I wish that there were more hazelnuts in this one, but I loved it.

Caramel melters-oozingly soft caramel encased in mello milk chocolate. I don’t like oozy chocolates, the caramel was sweet and smooth but I just don’t like things squishing out of my chocolates.

Orange liquer caramels-a dash of orange liquer into liquid carame0think flambeed oranges. This was not for me. It was a half a bite and put back in the box kind of thing. It oozed a bit which added to why I just didn’t care for it.

Amarena cherry-suspended in amaretto buttercream. Another half bite and put back in the box kind of deal, the cherry flavor just wasn’t for me.

Crispy praline-meltingly smooth praline with the crunch of crispy pancake pieces. I love the crunchof this one and the flavor, along with how nicely it was decorated.

Three chocolates per serving and 231 calories per serving. Not bad, pretty straight forward but they just didn’t wow me. As far as nuts go, I liked the Cesar better (see above).

The advent calendar for 2010.

The chocolates inside were cute, in shapes of snowmen, reindeer and the like…While the chocolate inside was better than most advent calendars, I had the idea that these would be better than they were. So this was just ok for me…


Hotel Chocolat

141A Newbury Street
Boston,MA 02116
Telephone: 617 391 0513

Opening Hours:  Monday – Saturday 11:00am – 8:00pm; Sunday Noon – 6:00pm

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