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I saw this company featured on one of my daily emails I receive, honestly I can’t remember which one….I get so many. I am not really a goat milk or goat cheese kind of gal, so for me to buy these was stepping outside my comfort box. They were almost $7 for 2oz., and cost almost the same amount to ship ($7.50). I wasn’t sure what to expect when I tried one….but was pleasantly surprised. The goat milk flavor was subtle and you could really taste the vanilla bean (and see it too-see below). Consider me pleasantly surprised.

They are all hand made in small batches, soft but not too soft and they don’t stick in your teeth as many caramels can. And the best part about them is that because they are made with goat milk, people who are lactose intolerant may be able to have them! Goat milk is lower in fat than cows milk, so you can trick yourself into thinking that they are good for you:)

Besides the vanilla bean, Happy Goat caramels come in the following flavors: coconut lime, chocolate and sea salt, honey and scotch!

Check out their website:

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