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My friend from college owns the Hampton Popcorn Company. I love her to death, and would shamelessly promote her stuff no matter what, but it is ACTUALLY REALLY GOOD. The popcorn comes in a variety of flavors-there is certainly something for everyone: kettle corn, cheese popcorn, caramel corn, chocolate covered caramel corn etc. And this isn’t your typical popcorn tin (you know the kind, it’s either stale or soggy), this is GOURMET POPCORN (super fresh and made with premium ingredients)! Keep your eye on Gilt Groupe because Hampton Popcorn is featured on it from time to time.

So this is my recent Gilt purchase, caramel corn drizzled with peanut butter and milk chocolate and…wait for it…. chunks of peanut butter cups. Sweet AND salty!! Yum! I may have died and gone to heaven, and I seriously have to ration myself because you could totally eat the whole tin in one sitting (who does that, right?). Popcorn comes in a variety of sizes, from a quart to a 6 gallon tin, you can get them in boxes, canisters or have them silk screened for any occasion (my friend used them as favors at her wedding!). They will even come to your event and set up a popcorn bar! How great is that?

So check out their website:

And they also have a new company, Lisa Lara Gourmet Candy

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