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We came here the Monday after the Christmas snowstorm with some friends. We were surprised that so many people were out. The room is quite spacious but the noise level was low. The server was immediately table side bringing us water and asking us about other beverages. We ordered the basket of naan-I love naan, which is leavened baked bread-and it came with garlic, plain and mint paratha, which is layered whole wheat buttered bread topped with dried mint ($8). The bread was super fresh, warm and smothered in garlic…yum!

We also had the tandoori chicken taco ($8) which were mini taco shells filled with tandoori chicken. The mini taco shells were like the Tostito scoops chips. The chicken was tasty but theses were a little hard to eat, unless you just put the whole thing in your mouth at once.

The lamb samosas ($5.50) were excellent-handmade turnovers stuffed with spiced ground lamb. The crust was light and flaky and the lamb was excellent.

I had the shrimp patia, Shrimp simmered in a softly spiced tomato based sweet and sour sauce with eggplant; served with mini naan bread ($19). I loved this dish! Not spicy at all-it tasted more like shrimp in tomato sauce. The flavors were excellent and I love good eggplant.

The service was excellent, we had 3 people waiting on us, catering to everything we could possibly need. They offer a lunch buffet that I can’t wait to try out.

Masala Art

990 Great Plain Avenue Needham, MA


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