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I had a coupon to Richie’s, which used to be the old Cafe Nicholas in Washington Square, so we decided to venture over there one rainy night.

Not quite sure what kind of decor theme they were trying to go with, part diner, with the floors and the neon signs, but then there’s a fire place in back and a Boards Head deli sign on the wall.

We get the wigs with buffalo sauce on it, and I swear the whole ride home in the car my eyes were tearing because the sauce smelled SO hot. Although, upon getting home, they weren’t as hot as anticipated…but maybe dunking them in pools of blue cheese helped!

The roast beef sub. We asked for it with mozzarella cheese, and they put shredded cheese on it, like for a pizza, which was a little odd. We asked for everything on it, except hots, and we just got it plain. Bummer.

The eggplant lasagna. I thought that lasagna had ricotta cheese in it, but this one was just noodles, mozzarella cheese, strips of eggplant and sauce. For me, it was a little heavy on the red sauce and it was a little bland.

The lasagna came with a nice piece of cheesy garlic bread that was pretty good.

The service was just ok…granted its counter service or take out, but it seems disheartening when you are waited on by someone who seems like they would rather be anywhere else but there. I think that if you stick to the basics of this place, you’ll do fine, pizza, Boar’s head sandwiches etc.

1632 Beacon St, Brookline MA 02446
(617) 739-1114

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