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We went to Wicked for pizza this weekend with friends of ours, Phil and Sara. We had an early bird dinner-thinking we wouldn’t have a problem…apparently everyone else was thinking the same thing. Average wait time at the restaurants was about 45 minutes, first come first serve, and the Yard House and Wicked don’t take reservations. (PF Changs, the MET bar, Legal C Bar…forget about it on a Saturday night.)  I looked on the website and Wicked says it offers call ahead seating….Definitely use it!

We put our name in, figuring we would walk around for the 45 minute wait (the buzzers work almost everywhere in the mall)…but we were buzzed after 10 minutes! Yay. We had a great seat by the window at a high top table. The front area has a large square bar in the center of the room, with high top tables all around it. In the back room there were booths, with tv’s!  It was pretty busy-the bar was packed….and it was hard to get around the bar area (bad placing for the bar if you ask me-servers with food were having trouble navigating the crowds).

We order the Wolfe’s Neck Farm Steak pizza ($20) Caramelized onions, sweet potato, Great Hills Blue Cheese, medium rare sliced flat iron steak, drizzled with Port wine and fig glaze. It’s a personal pizza, with 8 slices, think of a medium sized pizza. The steak was perfectly cooked-medium rare and juicy. The blue cheese was subtle, which is appealing because sometimes blue cheese can take over a dish.

We also ordered the Shrimp Scampi   pizza ($18) Fresh pesto, mozzarella, topped with shrimp, roasted golden beets shaved fennel and chopped candied pecans (we didn’t have the pecans on the pizza because we couldn’t really figure how that would be tasty).

Per usual, I order the Fusilli Bolognese ($17) Hand-cut fusilli pasta, pancetta, Wicked meatballs, house-made sausage, fresh mozzarella, red peppers, pesto, and tomato sauce. This was just a weird dish for me. From the large floret of broccoli that seemed misplaced on the dish, to the pasta drenched in red sauce, to the fresh mozzarella pieces that belong more in a salad than a pasta dish. The meatballs were really dense and flavorless and you were hard pressed to find the sausage.

The service started off good, but as the night went on, and the place got busier, our waitress seemed to disappear for 20 minutes at a time. We asked for a glass of water and she said that she was having a hard time finding a clean glass so it might be a while. She seemed to be knowledgeable about the menu, but when we asked her for a drink suggestion, something on the sweet side, she gave us a drink that was heavy on the lime and quite tart to boot. I think that if you were coming here, stick with the pizzas even if the entrees intrigue you. They are somewhere in between a thin crust and a thick crust and they don’t add yeast to their dough, so you feel like you could eat an extra slice or two.


660 Legacy Place
Dedham MA 02026

Wicked Restaurant and Wine Bar on Urbanspoon

We opt to skip dessert at the restaurant for ice cream at JP Licks just across the way. We tried their special flavor, coffee and doughnuts, shown above, which is old fashioned doughnuts mixed into their coffee ice cream. If you look on the left, you can see a huge piece of doughnut!

A great way to end the night! Shown above, Phil and Sara enjoying their ice cream, maybe they will comment on the blog and report their thoughts on dinner and ice cream!

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