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I thought it was about time for me to try Rami’s. I have seen them in all sorts of publications and featured on different television shows. They have been around for 18 years, serving the Coolidge Corner area Kosher Israeli/Middle Eastern food. They are always pretty crowded every time I drive by, and the night we went in was no exception. They are best know for their falafel so we order the Kabab Houmos Falafel Salad Plate for $14.95. I debate if I wanted something in a pita, but I end up making such a mess of myself-one bite and before you know it everything has fallen out of my pita. We have to wait for them to cook the kabab, probably 10 minutes or so…we are wondering if we should have just ordered online and picked it up.

The dining area is small-there are a few small tables, most of which are occupied, but the majority of the people inside are getting take out.  The man behind the counter is quick-he slices the pita with a razor blade with  speed and precision-makes me think of when they make my burritos at Anna’s (are they the fastest guacamole slingers this side of Harvard Street?). He knows most of the people who are coming in, which I find really nice. You want to support a business that takes the time to remember and acknowledge their customers.

The restaurant is pretty clean. I like that all the toppings can be seen behind glass and that the toppings aren’t co-mingling.

We end up receiving a houmos kebab in a pita ($10.95). The restaurant is so busy that we don’t bother to tell them that we didn’t order this, so we watch as the man behind the counter expertly slices the extra thick pita with a razor blade. The pita doesn’t look too pretty but it tastes pretty good, albeit a little salty. It’s a good thing that the pita is extra thick, it holds everything inside the pita quite well-very little mess. Next time we go back-the falafel is a must on out list! They looked really tasty and they are made fresh-they have this cool machine that pushes out perfect sized falafel balls into screaming hot oil.


324 Harvard Street | Brookline, MA 02246 | Phone 617.FALAFEL

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