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Located under the Star Market on Route 9, Angora Ice is the off shoot of Angora Cafe in Boston. Angora Cafe features middle eastern foods, roll ups, wraps, high quality frozen yogurt and smoothies. Angora Ice does not serve food, they have a few pre-made options, instead they focus on frozen yogurt, gelato and sorbet. The shop is small, a few seats by the window and a few seats especially for kids.

The store is brightly colored with a futuristic feel to it, from the modern artwork on the wall to the mirrored bubbles on the ceiling. The gelato and sorbet are pre made flavors, but with the frozen yogurt-you pick the size, pick the flavor, and pick your mix ins. Design you own mixture or try one of their suggested mixed flavors.

We try the raspberry sorbet-which was good:flavorful with little bits of raspberries  in it. We also tried the frozen yogurt with cookie dough mixed in.  I would like it better if the mix ins weren’t all crushed up-it makes it hard to tell the difference between m&m’s and twix bars. Not bad though, the yogurt is creamy and tastes as rich as ice cream.

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