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What does everyone do on Christmas day? Movies and Chinese food. We skipped the movies, but headed over to the Sichuan Gourmet restaurant on Beacon Street, where the old Chef Changs used to be. As predicted, it was mobbed.

Pretty casual and minimal decor. It feels as though they are hurrying you in and hurrying you out. There are 3 menu options, the regular menu, the specials menu and the picture menu.

We order the wonton soup for 2, a large bowl with plenty of wontons and dark leafy greens-at $4.95 this is a great buy! I really liked the filling inside the wontons-excellent taste and consistency. I’m super picky about my wonton soup-and it’s been hard to find a good one in the city-but this was pretty good. My favorite wonton soup is at Lavender in Sudbury, MA.

Peking raviolis are 8 for $7.50. Not too greasy and a nice consistency to the filling.

Boneless spare ribs  ($7.50) are a little on the fatty side but not bad.

The spare rib noodle soup ($7.95) is listed as spicy-it’s a slow burn in the back of your throat kind of spicy. The only thing that posed a problem was that the meat was bone in…

The chicken lo-mein ($7.50) was really good. Liked the noodles, and it wasn’t too greasy as some lo meins can be. This was my favorite dish of the night.

Tangerine chicken ($11.95) was excellent. Not too much breading and the sauce was slightly sweet.

Over all the food was good-it leaned towards the old school Chinese style food I remember from when I was a kid-with less grease. The prices were affordable and the service wasn’t bad. Great place for families or large parties.

Sichuan Gourmet

1006 Beacon Street
Brookline, MA 02446-4001
(617) 277-4226

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