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Winchester is a little out of the way, but I had a coupon so one weekend evening I decided to try it out. I wasn’t sure what to think-it’s hard to know what to expect with pizza and pasta. The food was relatively inexpensive-so we were able to try quite a few things. I pull up to the restaurant, it’s jut off the main street and next to a dry cleaner. 5pm on a Saturday, and I’m the only one here.

We got a large pepperoni pizza ($11.99). It was thin crust which my friends liked, and flavorful. We liked this pizza better than the pizza we had from basta pasta the other night. Probably our favorite thing of the order.

Garlic bread with cheese ($2.99). I didn’t have any of this, but my friend said it was really tasty-really garlicy, could have had more cheese, but nice and crispy and warm.

Stuffed shells ($8.99 for 4) came smothered in red sauce, as many of the dishes did….which I’m not a fan of.

Here are the shells out of the sauce. They were pretty good. Some fillings can be so heavy and you can only have one or two. The ricotta filling inside these shells was dense but light in texture-pretty tasty.

I ordered the pasta with italian sausage, but when I opened up the container, there was no sausage to be found…and on the receipt it says ‘pasta of the day’ with marinara ($6.99). A little too much sauce for our liking-if you cover everything in sauce…that’s all you can taste (and the sauce wasn’t all that great).

Side of meatballs ($3.49 for 3). Not bad. Not great.

I ordered an eggplant parm calzone and instead, when I opened the bag, they gave me an eggplant parm sub. ($5.49) I had this the following day for lunch. The eggplant parm was pretty good-lots of cheese, good choice of rolls.

Our conclusion was that the food was ok, but not good enough to drive all the way back to Winchester. And for being the only person there, I can’t figure out how they could have possibly gotten the order wrong….


20 Swanton St.
Winchester, MA 01890
ph: 781-756-0010
alt: 781-756-3491

Open 7 days a week!

Mon-Fri  11:00am-9:00pm

Sat-Sun  4:00pm-9:00pm

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