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I went back for my second trip to Treat Cupcakes the other day. There were a bunch of people hanging out inside around lunchtime. I picked up 4 cupcakes @ $3.25 each. Pictured above is the triple chocolate-chocolate cake with white chocolate filling and chocolate frosting.

The plain jane, chocolate cake with chocolate icing. Simple and elegant.

The half baked cupcake, a chocolate brownie like cupcake with a scoop of cookie dough on top. Yum.

When I walked up to the shop, it smelled like cookie dough…it totally gets you salivating! Personally, I think this cupcake would have been great with just the cupcake and the cookie dough…no extra frosting needed.

They called this one the crunchy caramel. It was a little messy to eat, in fact, we had to resort to a fork. It’s like the hard dip on soft serve ice cream-hard to take that first bite and then it all crumbles into pieces. Good thing we were in the privacy of our own home when we had this, because there was no lady like way to eat this (before we tried the fork). The “crunchy caramel” part tasted like a heath bar-YUM!!

Here’s the split view. I love cupcakes with fillings inside-but this one didn’t even need it. The cake was really moist and as I said before, I loved the crunchy top. Again, I think this cupcake was great on it’s own, it didn’t need the extra frosting on top.

Treat Cupcake Bar

1450 Highland Avenue Needham MA

open every day 10am-9pm

Treat Cupcake Bar

1450 Highland Ave

Needham MA 02494


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